Monday, July 14, 2003

went to orchard library today.. managed to split half of the 3214 reading workload with raymond.. hopefulli can get started on the reading and not be distracted by games..

met up with xq and he brought me to haagen dazs fpr ice cream.. yum!! yah.. i'm once again a suaku.. nv been to a haagen dazs cafe b4.. :P the prices are exhorbitant.. but the ice cream is quite good, esp the toffee creme flavour.. so smooth!! haha..

got a call from my grandma today.. suddenli realised haven been to visit her in a long time.. esp when she said to visit her when i free in the phone call.. feel so guilty!! going to visit her on thursday prolly..

saw a matrix quiz:

You are The Merovingian-
You are The Merovingian, from "The Matrix." Wit and danger, with a French twist. You are adamant about the slightly materialistic things- power, wealth, possession.
Dominating, aren't we?

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

not realli sure if thats true.. but i pretty much want control over wat i do..


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