Sunday, July 13, 2003

dun noe how i managed to wake up at 10 today.. at least responsible to wake up and go tuition.. :P

the kid is pretty guai, but lacks practice.. and how am i supposed to teach her chinese without ani background of her standard??

went to jurong point for a late lunch, had a gd time strolling the shops.. trying to find wolverine's revenge but didn't see ani shop selling it until i went into popular to see that it cost $59.90!! hmm.. then spotted a pasar malam rite outside the interchange, but walked ard oni to realise it didn't sell pirated software..

in the end went to the pirated shop hl told us about.. it was in operation luckily.. so happy to finalli see a pirated shop with affordable software and games!! :) bought wolverine's revenge, warcraft expansion and simcity 4.. well.. this is wat i'll be doing for the next 2 weeks, saving money by staying at home and playing games.. today's outing cost me $6 in bus fares. pretty shocking.. haizz

have resolved to save at least $200 this month to clear more debts.. it's so difficult to see things in shops and not buy anithing at all.. and esp food! so many nice smells and delicious food all around.. arghh!!


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