Tuesday, July 08, 2003

went to the NTU matric fair with the guys today.. using the word "fair" being pretty much an overstatement since there were oni computers displayed and a few pathetic desks set up by some halls which did not allow the freshmen to sign up for ani orientation activities. hahahaha!! found it realli amusing, no security against non-matriculated personnel (like me) and no eca fairs etc.. on the whole a veri weak event. realised that NUS realli puts in a whole load of effort in making freshmen feel welcome and oriented, and much much more emphasis is placed upon extra-curricular activities as well.. suddenli feel a lot more pride for my uni.. heh..

having woken up so earli, just to check out the scene at NTU, was feeling realli groggy and unwell by the time we reached jurong point... the food was yucks, and we took this realli long ride to orchard on express 502.. dun ever take that bus again!! super long journey!! bleah.. tried to sleep on the bus but tv mobile was showing some all-star soccer match in which schumacher was scoring and scoring goals and the boys got so excited they made a whole lot of noise.. *sigh*

the karaoke session was oni ok.. pretty sleepy, did not feel as excited, and on the whole the song session was too long.. 5 hours!! considering the number of pple (10) it was ok, but was realli too tired to enjoy it ..

on the whole veri happy too see my frens, but feeling veri dissatisfied with my life. i just dunno why.


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