Tuesday, July 08, 2003

hee hee!!! so happy today!

had coffee wif quincy, xq, weilun n zaiyuan at holland v.. had my fav pure chocolate ice-blended with extra whipped cream again.. ahhh.. pure bliss.. the ability to have all these sinful apetites without gaining ani weight is great!! hahah.. sorri to all those other girls out there who's always watching their weight.. but i'm kinda sorri i can't gain ani weight :P had a good laugh abt xq's foreign tastes for wives on the way to suntec.. hehe... made me wonder if i can actualli accept having a partner of another race?

then had buffet dinner with andy at kuishinbo.. quite disappointed at their drop in quality and proportion.. and i realised that my ability to eat and eat and eat is gone!! *sob* but was a good dinner.. and andy gave me a necklace with a real diamond pendant!! my veri first diamonds.. of course small carats, being wat he can afford presently.. but it was so sweet of him to buy me something nice with his first paycheck.. *touched*

saw a les couple in suntec but didn't realli notice anithing unusual cos the girl realli look like a guy until on closer look.. *shudders*

and returned home to find out i won the msn dream date contest!! hahahah.. so happy, almost wanted to go PAddyfields today for dinner and now i can eat there for free.. abit scared to go alone though.. hmm.. hope will win lotsa prizes..

gotta bathe.. ciao!!


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