Sunday, July 06, 2003

damn it! my newly installed hard disk can't load again! have reverted back to my cranky old 20GB which is much slower .. but more reliable i guess.. all my links gone if format.. argh!! will have to burn my weekend on this stupid problem..

Happy birthday Joey!! :) just came back from her 21st bday, her house is realli small and cramped.. but her family seems pretty close and united save for her younger bro, who's a little anti-social.. but overall.. could see she was realli happy and touched with all our attendance.. feel pretty privileged that i'm one of the few uni frens she actualli invited.. :) and her cake tasted realli good!!

now thinking wat i should do for my own bday.. have a chalet/hotel room overnite or a catered party/bbq or just a treat to my close frens? wat bout my famili? hmm.. tough decision.. today's party was like every one all invited to a party but it left her little time to interact with us and her realli frazzled, since she had to entertain so many pple..

have to remember to buy some vit-e cream to prevent scarring.. my wound closed (sort of) and everytime i stretch my leg it feels so tight it hurts..

saw weiqi looking all sophisticated coming out from the mrt station and i felt realli ugly and underdressed.. sleepy and w/o makeup and felt realli depressed.. so bought a Mango top on sale to wear to the party.. haha.. pretty good buy and it's my first bohemian style top.. goes realli well with short denim skirts.. :P in the end i looked quite good :)

have to go catch up on lost sleep.. Zzzzz.


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