Tuesday, July 01, 2003

went to coffee club for the first time today.. (yah, i noe, i'm suaku..) ordered their triple chocolate dessert.. was realli nice.. but it was tooooo sweet, couldn't choke down the last piece.. a little wasted.. heh.. hmm.. another fulfilling gossip session with the 61-ders heh.. and quincy showed us photos she took in canada... it's so beautiful!! canada i mean.. she went to vancouver.. so so beautiful.. and breathtaking the scenery.. must go there visit one day..

wanted to have dinner at Nooch originalli but erm.. quite embarrassed to say we not veri rich.. so we walked out of the restaurant after looking at the menu.. 2nd time in my life to have done that.. haha... the chef looked pretty sad that customers were walking out.. :P

a realli cute baby stared at me today.. i stared back at him.. its realli satisfying to say that he lost the staring contest.. hahahaha


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