Sunday, June 29, 2003

woke up at bout 2pm.. to realise there's no lunch for me.. still on a silent war with mom.. discussed with andy and realised the root of my problem is that i'm actualli the type of person such that if u leave me to manage my own life, everything will turn out fine, but the more u try to manage my life and decisions, the more i'll go against what u want.. (in other words, dun try to control me!!) setting rules and restrictions just make me want to break them and i hate to come home cos anything could become a potential argument..

wat the heck is wrong with the mMs settings on my phone??!! it's damn irritating to own a technology that you're unable to use to to the faults of the service provider..

hmm.. must remember to ask from zhiwen the picts we took at Sentosa.. hehe.. an innocent looking girl taking picts of other bikini babes.. no one would ever suspect me of taking voyeur picts.. :P

have to sleep earli tonite to get rid of eyebags and dark rings.. want to look my best for the interview tomolo.. arghh.. anithing for some extra pocket money..


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