Saturday, June 28, 2003

went holland v for dinner wif andy and his frens.. had quite a good time, since it was a treat.. heh.. then went cafe 211 for beer.. was quite surprised i didn't get red or ani bit drunk at all :) went coffee bean after that and it was time for a cup of ice-blended pure choc again.. my fav!!

the taxi ride home was a little eerie.. the taxi got horned at 3 times for no apparent reason.. the taxi driver was a little sullen.. and i couldn't realli see his eyes.. the windscreen was realli dirty and oil-stained.. and when he neared my house, i heard him being horned at again but this time i couldn't see ani vehicle near us at all!!! argh.. shivers running up my spine just thinking bout the taxi ride again.. so eerie..

i feel a little unsettled now.. hmm. will go to sleep now.. hopefulli no bad dreams.. :X


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