Thursday, June 26, 2003

went to the GV recruitment session this morning.. tons of pple applying for the customer service crew job.. pretty reflective of how bad the job market realli is now.. & found out something realli disgusting as well.. GV oni pays $3.60 per hour starting pay!!! Grr... and to think they make more than that whenever i buy popcorn liao.. was deeply shocked and disgusted.. from now on, will treat all the service staff better... they realli work veri hard to earn so little money..

then went to the interview for some modelling thing.. think this is less of a scam than that stupid IMPACT models i went to b4.. at least u oni pay for the photos out of ur assignments and not b4.. this should be the way to do business and not cheat poor students' money.. but the office premises look pretty shabby.. hehe.. was pretty skeptical when i saw the place..

the tutors' course is finalli over and i'm glad to say i made a new fren! :) coincidentalli, both days, the person sitting beside me is from NTU accountancy.. hmm.. this is a pretty good setup i must say, properly training tutors.. gives both tutors and parents more confidence as well..


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