Wednesday, June 25, 2003

finally feel well enuff to write bout my day..

boi boi was veri nice today.. :) *applause!!* it was raining realli heavily today when my training ended at buona vista and i had no umbrella, no nothing.. luckily today he took the morning off (coincidentally!) due to usher duty and had just got in a cab and was on his way to jurong east when i called.. hehe.. although he was going to be late, he got the cab driver to swing by and pick me up.. then i got to take a look at Chevrons as well.. finalli find out where/wat it was.. not a bad place.. it seems like Safra club but in a more country-club style.. oh yah.. and hats-off to boi boi for his kind gesture today! *applause again!!* :P

dinner time!!


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