Wednesday, June 25, 2003

My comp is giving me so much problems.. after an hour of intensive installing and re-installing, finalli, i can use it again..

Went to Jurong swimming complex today... it was so fun!! hehe.. call me a suaku (mountain tortoise) .. but i nv been there b4 until today.. went with the jurong gang.. and being the only girl (as usual) the guys took extra care to make me feel included and of course in looking after me.. heh.. one of the benefits of being a girl.. :)

the wave pool esp was great! heh.. at first was just relaxing in the float and watching the guys trash one another, trying to overturn the floats and do silly things, while i just tried to stay in the general vicinity and look cool.. i was quickly part of the brawl when some one overturned me.. heh.. when they made me monkey and had to run around trying to get the float back, it was sooo tiring.. but pretty fun.. haha.. lucky i didn't wear a bikini for this.. would have been feeling uncomfortable all the time and it was darn cold when it rain in the afternoon as well.. at least in a swimming costume the guys dared to include me :)

had a great time playing PS2 at zhiwen's house later on.. now my hands are totalli sore..

must say it was a pretty tiring but fruitful day..


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