Sunday, June 22, 2003

phew! just came back from two 21st bday celebrations..

first one was a surprise party.. it was so funny, there were 2 groups of guests, 1 group of christians, another group were her OG mates.. couldn't stand the christians.. i dunno wat's with them.. but hey its a bday party lighten up!! had to "rehearse" the opening scene at least 5 times.. first the "SURPRISE!!" then the singing of bday songs, and the singing of "God bless u" to the bday tune.. without regards to whether the rest of us knew wat they were doing.. :( so cheesy and so so so unspontaneous... bleah..

but was so surprised he remembered to invite her whole family.. so so so touching.. she came in.. we burst into song.. her mom appeared.. and they hugged .. and she started bawliing cos she was so touched.. and she couldn't stop crying.. pretty touching scene.. :)

well.. pretty ok party.. then had to rush to geylang.. good turnout there too.. even if it was just a casual dinner that Hailiang was treating.. he's finalli 21, and i'm not anione special to celebrate for him.. haizz..at least had a good chat and laugh.. this bunch of frens nv fail to make me happy..

on the way back, was looking up at him.. finalli have the courage in 2 yrs to look into his eyes again.. at least i dare to tok to him without feeling that guilty again.. he seems to be totalli over the matter, but i won't ever be; i hurt him too much.. even when i look at him in his eyes, its oni a glance, i dare not hold his gaze. haizz.. weak.. always wondering how it would be if i had not made the mistake, suddenly had the urge to hug him happy birthday.. and perhaps time would turn back and all that had happened was just a bad dream and we were still all happy.. shit.. musn't allow myself to think bout wat ifs again.. took me a whole year after the break-up b4 i could even tok to him without bursting into tears..

moving on to happier things.. chris's new toyata 3-door SUV is sooooo cool!! sunroof and power stereo system.. damn chio!! yah, he's realli doing honours.. so prolly can sit his car once or twice more b4 i graduate.. hehe... once again, WOW!!


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