Friday, June 20, 2003

just came back from tanning.. met a bunch of noisy malay kids downstairs.. they went back after their dad came downstairs with a malay woman.. realised that's always the case.. woman comes, all the kids go to swim.. then woman emerges downstairs.. all the kids go home.. hehe *gossip* wonder wat they're up to huh..

abit chao ta now.. catching the hulk later prolly, TODAY mentioned it was oni "ho-hum" so abit skeptical about watching the show.. well will review it later..

the horrible b.i.t.c.h. who quarrelled with my parents was also downstairs with her geeky looking daughter.. bleah.. pretty rude of her to keep staring at us as well.. there was a strange man with her as well *gossip* hehe.. wonder if that's a secret affair??

off to the movies ..


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