Friday, June 20, 2003

haizz... random tots being rattled off here..

i miss school.. esp living in school.. the atmosphere at home is killing me.. without the freedom of the past 2 years i've gotten used to. esp the constant nagging and the housework.. so wat if i'm the eldest daughter? this is not the 1960s animore so stop saying "when i was your age, i was washing everyone's clothes.." !! damn irritating.. and i can't cheong animore.. *sob* at least in hall i had option to cheong or not to cheong.. but here.. everytime they say.. "u can't do this.." the more i feel like doing things just to spite them.. its total instinct man.. so far, have done everything they tell me not to.. some i regret.. but at least i learnt myself the hard way..

sianz.. can't believe i'm actualli sleeping b4 2a.m. nowadays.. there just isn't anithing to do and i can't blast my music.. anione wanna come my house play LAN games? have set up 2 desktops but no one to play wif.. :(

but at least have managed to restrain my spending this month.. tokyo was soooo fun.. pictures anione? miss the weather there esp.. but things are way TOO expensive..

tomolo can collect my harry potter book liao.. hopefully its as good as if not better than the first 4?


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