Saturday, June 21, 2003

yay! veri happy day today!

collected my harry potter book 5; and have read halfway.. my recommendation is pls, if u haven't started the series, start now!! its not some children's book, not animore..

hehe... met Spot the Dog at kinokuniya today.. its his bday i think.. got to shook hands wif him and he gave me a "I Love Spot" sticker.. hee hee.. so embarrassed when the lady asked me if i wanted to shook hands with it.. hehe.. but i did aniway.. and couldn't stop smiling.. one of my fav childhood storybook character..

and i bought the daVinci Code as well.. the blurb looks exciting.. will read it after harry potter..

oooh.. and i got shortlisted for the maths tuition job!! finally an interview i didn't foul up.. :) :)

going to read my book now.. so happy today!! :)


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