Monday, June 30, 2003

went for the interview at Cue this morning.. they were willing to represent me but i had to fork out $350 for a training course first.. anione knoes whether it's actualli worth it? need some help in making the decision.. the money is actualli pretty large sum for a person who has no income presently.. :( the trainer is supposedly trainer of miss s'pore universe etc.. ahh.. must realli decide properly.. this thurs there's a class beginning.. pretty short time to decide.. :(

strangely.. despite not having eaten since morning .. i did not feel hungry at all.. even at 3pm.. what happened to my ferocious appetite? *sob*.. nowadays i can't even finish my food.. that horrible food posioning incident realli ruined me.. now i can never eat buffets again.. :(

ahh.. stumbled upon a tuition job today.. it starts this saturday.. so perhaps can supplement my income a little.. Primary 5 maths.. shouldn't be too difficult i suppose.. at least some extra income to use..

the book fair this year seems veri subdued and it wasn't veri interesting.. mostly edutainment companies setting up booths.. oni books were at the times stall.. bleah.. lucki didn't purposely make the trip down to see it..


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