Tuesday, July 01, 2003

think will meet quincy, ben and xq for coffee (chocolate for me!!) coffee bean's pure chocolate ice blended with tons of whipped cream is heavenly!! i dun drink coffee by the way..

hmm.. think life at home is pretty ok when no one's around.. heh.. i eat veri little since there's no food in the house.. and i spend realli little as well, since my inertia is too great for me to go out and buy food.. the oni bill that's increasing is the electricity bills.. heh.. argh.. i better remember to pay the phone bill later as well..

had a good long chat with yingyan last nite.. she's all for the idea of the training course as she thinks its a useful thing to learn for a girl no matter if i do get assignments or not.. i'm inclined to agree but still.. its a large sum of investment.. hmm... still loads to consider b4 deciding i suppose.. everyone's warning me to be careful and not get cheated.. the thing is no one knows whether the company is realli trustworthy or not.. so how do i tell?! .. hmm.. realli must rely on my own judgement this time..


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