Wednesday, July 09, 2003

woke up with the mood to clean up..

realised the problem with that damn hard disk was lotsa bad sectors. it was new too!! stupid maxtor/the shop i bought it in. think it was cybermind. damn cybermind!! wasted so much of my time to sort out this damn thing.

eating macaroni for lunch, one of my fav food. have managed to feed the fish and hamchan, clean up my desk (slightly) and packed up my stuff from the chalet.. and actualli made my bed for once.. heh.. have to sweep the floor i think and wipe the shelves? hate doing dusting, cos my nose is ultra sensitive.. always end up sneezing and having a realli bad runny nose.. bleah.

still facing the plight of having no project group for CS3214 next sem.. help help help!! hmm think better ask raymond to sorta get a space there first.. although not my first choice of groups.. haizz .. beggars can't be choosers i suppose..


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