Wednesday, July 09, 2003

just came back from Quest interview.. hmm.. realised that the modeling industry is realli dog-eat-dog.. heard some not so nice things about other agencies.. made me think twice bout which agency i should actualli join..

weilun came over with his PS in the afternoon.. so fun!! had a great time playing bomberman and marvel vs Capcom.. hehe.. must say i did quite well in both.. despite being a beginner.. :) hee hee.. hopefulli will have more such sessions next time..

sian.. being kaobei-ed by parents for looking for jobs when sch's reopening soon.. what's wrong with them!? i'm like trying to supplement my allowance and be more independent mah.. haizz.. and tuition's not that easy to come by oso..

looking forward to the free dinner tomolo at Paddyfields :)


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