Saturday, July 12, 2003

went to watch 2 fast 2 furious.. super cool!! great cars, great stunts, great speed.. wowow!! almost wanted to drive like the actors after the show but luckily didn't. met up with a road block along bukit timah, just b4 6th avenue.. my first road block while driving.. wasn't sure wat to do there.. but luckily he didn't make me get out of the car or anithing. then went to fong seng for supper.. saw the blk c pple.. prolly preparing for orientation.. and it was super crowded.. saw the remnants of a 3-car pile up just after NUS, b4 clementi...the third car was gone.. and all that was left were 2 mercedes.. the back car's boot was all crushed in but the front car a slight dent oni.. lucki no casualties..

going to zzzz liao. dead beat..


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