Sunday, July 13, 2003

sinus problem again today.. that always happens when my mom nags at me to vacuum and clean up.. isn't that coincidental? :P tried to clear up abit, then realise i finalli have too much cosmetics to fit into my ikea box.. have like 3 little bags + the box full of cosmetics and accessories and have no place to put them properly.. there's the perfume and other face products as well? think its time to buy a proper container for these things..

can't even breathe properly now.. using music to drown out my mum's voice.. drats.. can't even go out cos she'll nag at that too. realised she's quite a control freak and she seems to take offence at every single remark. menopause approaching prolly...

arghh.. when is sch starting?! i'm so bored.. think i'll install simcity 4 and try it out..


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