Wednesday, July 16, 2003

my m500's spoilt too!! something's wrong with the battery, it can't charge fully and it drops at 1% per 5 seconds!! how to use!!? so pissed.. realised when charging the green light sometimes goes off by itself.. sux man!! asked around, realised no one changed the battery b4 of their palm.. am i going to be the first one?! damn!! oni bought it one year ago somemore, the warranty just nice over, have to pay for repairs liao.. arghhh!!! totalli pissed..

poor boi boi, u must strive to be so much better than the rest of ur famili k? dun be bogged down by their pettiness and incompetency... boo boo gal supports u!! :)

ooh.. realised i'm lapsing into the "borrow a ton of programming books but dun read them" mode again.. drats.. better drag myself up to flip thru the darn JSP book.. i hate programming!! realised that in order to pursue another degree (i'm intending to do industrial design next year) , it'll cost $21K per year!! how can anione afford that?!which means over 80K for 4 years, i might as well go US and study and try to accelerate my course.. might even cost less than singapore's unis!!! its not realli cool that they make us choose when we dunno wat we actualli want to do b4 making our choices for the uni courses.. and once u've been in uni for >1 year, when u switch courses, u dun get the tuition grant ani more!! how unfair is that when u've oni used up 1 year of ur share of the grant? and wat about those pple who actualli spend 6 years doing their first degree? they like get 2 extra years of the grant lor.. MOE and NUS have totalli shitty admin..



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