Tuesday, July 15, 2003

took my 6610 for repairs at the NOkia care centre today.. the keypad has been eccentric lately, and i can't sms properly... made the ultimate boo boo: forgot to bring my wallet out!! no money, no nothing.. and to think i was actualli thinking of buying a new piece of RAM.. had to borrow $10 off my cousin to buy some sushi to eat cos i was soooo hungry.. veri stupid mistake..

my tummy has been feeling veri uncomfortable lately too.. hopefulli not a recap of the food poisoning incident? .. scared liao..

the Heeren has some new additions on the annex level .. and they look pretty cool.. not the usual punk style casual wear, more of sweet girly attire instead.. 37 degrees has this realli sweet looking halter dress as well.. but. argh.. did not bring my wallet.. which was prolly a good thing since i saw sooo many things i wanted to buy.. :P

zhencang's moving house this sunday.. he has a pair of new orange asics.. pretty cool..

hAppY birthday zhiwen!! well.. said that to him last nite.. he not celebrating his bday i suppose.. else i wouldn't be at home rite now..

realised i need to sleep more, have been falling asleep evey day on the bus journey back from orchard.. which never ever happens to me.. someone called the house at like 6 am this morning which totalli woke me up when i slept at 3am last nite.. after that couldn't realli sleep animore.. and had to go about today all bleary-eyed..

think i'll go take a nap now..


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