Friday, July 18, 2003

went to sim lim and found a shop which actualli replaces palm batt.. but its like $120 lor.. hmm.. wondering if its worth it..

had dinner at a small jap eatery in bugis junction.. prices are expensive by S$ stds but not jap lor.. about the same price as the cheapest jap eateries actualli.. but quite worth it.. it was not bad.. it's called Domi's kitchen i think..

then went to kino to help xq find cookbooks.. think kino classified its stores by area and consumers.. the bugis one lacks jap books.. mostly normal mainstream bookstore stuff.. couldn't realli find anithing..

finalli saw zy's "veri veri veri veri veri... veri gd" fren.. haha.. was shocked to see them hold hands though.. i guess i'm still pretty conservative.. :P she's realli frenli, totalli my opposite.. but easy going .. and it was funny to see the guys force him to acknowledge her.. she's realli open bout it too. haha.. cool girl i must say.. but a pity zy's going back next week.. so fast he's been back for 3 weeks liao.. and leaving again.. haiz.. not that he's my close fren or anithing.. but still part of the class, even if oni as the class "dog".. hehe.. presence will be missed.. :P all the best !!


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