Thursday, July 17, 2003

suddenli a line from a korean show i watched the other day came to my mind when i was just trying to persuade xq to go down to sim lim wif me and zaiyuan.. the guy asked the girl out from the library for a snack veri naturalli as they were in the same clique, but when they sat down, it became awkward silence and the guy mentioned this: "it feels weird when we're just 2 pple but it doesn't feel weird in a group.." or somewhere along the lines of that.. xq was complaining he was tired.. but i had oredi managed to get zy to go down.. how to say that it's weird if i just go with zaiyuan alone? .. esp after i was so vulgar and rude to him last nite.. suddenli just remembered i showed him the finger last nite when i was feeling realli pissed at him.. *guilty*.. not a gd impression i left there.. feel pretty guilty now.. girls should nv do that unless badly provoked. seriously unladylike..


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