Thursday, July 17, 2003

more on my dblo trip... yes, i'm finalli awake..

thank god i didn't have to queue this time, at least not for 2 hours.. that's how long i queued the other time: 2 hourS!! can u believe it?! waste time.. and stupid queue cutters in front of me.. damn them!! ok.. not last nite though.. heavy rain.. had to take a cab from robinsons city hall to MS.. the music was not bad, a mix of trance and top 40 mixes.. think i was a little high from the tequila shot and vodka lime i downed in my first 10 min inside.. plus i shared qunci's tequila pop.. haha.. i admit not to be a veri gd drinker.. waited for the guys to get themselves high then headed for the dance floor.. the crowd last nite was pretty ok, not too packed.. which was great ;) after that had some more tequila.. we were quite tired haha.. so we just sat down and girl-watched with the guys.. there was this girl who kept shaking her bum in my face, got me realli irritated that i stood up and changed seats.. we left at about 2.45am, no one picked me up (awww..), no one puked (thankfully) and we took a mers cab back..

no hangover this morning, just that my ankle hurts a little.. did i dance that much!? :P


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