Saturday, July 19, 2003

omigod.. can't believe i'm actualli crying.. :'(

*sob* andy's sis is veri mean and petty.. just cos of some incident 2 years ago, now still bearing grudge.. supposed to meet him today, but turns out his dad's flying to thailand tomolo and they're having like a family dinner tonite.. they actualli asked me to go.. but that horrible girl dun want me there.. wat to do.. dun want to disrupt the peace of their family, so i back off lor.. haizz.. in the end everyone irritated with her for being so unreasonable, cos no one else has a problem with me.. sighz.. *sad*

came back after tuition realising there was no program today.. sianz.. boi boi went sentosa with blk liao.. btw.. congrats for ur silver!! hahaha .. start ur workouts liao lah.. so unfit.. *pats boi boi on the back* and was looking forward to dinner with andy, my treat some more.. sianz.. now in tears and nowhere to go.. *sob*


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