Sunday, July 20, 2003

dinner was quite good last nite.. finalli met sis's "bf".. veri veri strangely, she doesn't remember his name, oni his nickname "bert".. hahahaha.. realli funni!! he was quite polite lah, oredi earned the approval of my parents, and he's quite corny also.. quite a nice person.. ok lah, i approve oso lah..

parents allowed me to drive to suntec, must say the traffic was horrendous last nite.. in the end, in a crowded underground carpark, my dad took over the wheel from me in order to park the car faster... hehe.. *embarrassed* didn't realised there was scrabble fest going on.. it was so fun!! joined the big scrabble game sponsored by gardenia with my sis, who appeared wif bert at the last min cos they were late for all the shows.. it was realli fun, and i take back the fact that she was grouchy all the time.. haha!! possibly he cheered her up.. which was good.. some stupid nonsense sentence game, which was realli difficult, and in the end, we walked away with harry potter merchandise like the dicers' set and the hagrids' house miniature.. hiakz.. not something i would pay money for.. but since it's free, cool!! :P had scrabble pins as souvenirs also.. the lady was too busy packing up to look for a "J" so had to settle for a "K".. not fair that my sis's name starts with a vowel wat... *pouts*

anihow, dinner was at crystal jade, esp since bert was there, guess my parents were in the mood to splurge.. luckily the food was not bad, and my mom actualli remembers bert's fav food to be fried stuff.. weird.. but the dinner was quite delicious and filling.. 4 cute guys were sitting at the table opposite.. heh.. but it was a pity their table had 3 girls too.. prolly their gfs, sicne they were pretty touchy with them.. :P

not a bad outing on the overall.. was so tired last nite i plonked into bed immmediately after reaching home.. woke up at 4 am to realised my sis was still chatting on the comp!! nuts!! think i asked her the time and told her to shut down before dozing off again.. hehe..


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