Wednesday, July 23, 2003

went to andy's commencement ceremony this morning.. was not supposed to go in at first since i had no invites, but supposedly they had some seats left. by the time i reached there though, there wasn't any, and i had to wait and luckily, when they finalli allowed me in, andy was like in line to go on stage liao. the ceremony was veri short.. due to the sars arrangement i supposed, but the valedictorian was a poly guy, quite expected (hooray for locals!!) and he has a CAP of like 4.95.. *shocked* yah.. some sort of genius. he let himself slip an A- into his grades which resulted in the not-so-perfect CAP.. hehe.. can imagine him crying when he got that A-.. hahahaha.. wondering if they give out some award for being like a student without any As? heheh..

arghh.. just checked my bank acc, i oni have $4.51 left!!!! how did this happen?! totalli pissed at myself for having not noticed the money slipping away.. guess no savings this month again.. haizz.... and to think 2 days ago i was still thinking i saved alot this month... drats!!!


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