Tuesday, July 22, 2003

went for dinner with 4/10 classmates in chinatown.. first time i been to chinatown.. the restaurant oni all right lah.. but haven seen the girls in sooooo long.. didn't even recognise xueqi.. haha.. look so diff with contacts.. and stella's bf is quite cool.. totalli her type of person.. :) congrats!! so great to see everyone.. girly jokes and laughter, quite a change from the sexual innuendos that guys always make.. haha.. feel quite refreshed and happy hearing bout wat everyone is doing so far.. hehe.. proud to say that i do have some achievement in the academic area despite having low results; i'm graduating in 2.5 years!! with a minor!! haha.. veri hao lian.. but hey.. how many pple can do that!? :) i think i must do better in my second degree though.. perhaps a diploma leading to a degree would be a better choice monetarily.. hmm..

just bought RAM at simlim today..256MB, $76.. not veri cheap.. but at least my comp's faster now.. next upgrade: 40 GB hard disk.. its oni bout $100 now.. quite affordable..

and got back my palm!! finalli!! it realli's a problem with the cradle.. thank god! then bought a charger for $25.. haiz.. $100 gone liddat today.. sianz..

oh well.. overall a happi day :)


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