Friday, July 25, 2003

just back from china jump... feeling pretty high now.. so if my spelling is abit koyak, forgive me.. :)

made some new frens, mainli juniors who are coming into hall next sem.. all frenli pple.. :) the place is quite nice.. the cathedral especialli.. veri spacious and conducive place to chat with frens.. the live band is not bad too.. although it's a mystery whether the lead female singer is actualli female.. hehe.. but the bar girls were realli hot.. in tight short skirts and skimpy tops.. *wolf-whistles* hehe.. didn't dance at all though.. was carrying a stupid bag.. haizz.. but erm.. the place has too many guys.. and mostly caucasians.. so not that happening..

going to sleep now.. hope to see u tomolo boi boi!!


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