Saturday, July 26, 2003

finalli uploaded picts of last nite's dinner.. :) not too clear.. but the tiger girls looked ok..

got the ps cable.. but parents sleeping liao.. can't test it on their tv yet..

got my first tuition pay today!! woohoo!! $80 oni though.. *haizz* due to the first month 50% commission thing.. but at least next month will be $160!! yay!! so happy!! so gian to buy webcam now.. but have to wait until next payday.. arghh...

went to bugis and saw alot of kids playing in the fountain.. is it realli that fun? i also wanna try!! :P but a little too old.. amore expressions having some promotion there.. maybe i should join some classes to tone up.. pretty interested in pilates/yoga/aerobics.. but .. well.. finances some problem again.. haha.. time to save up liao..


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