Saturday, July 26, 2003

arghh. woke up too late and missed the maths training thing today. *guilty* damn!! been zoboing the whole morning..

going to collect the ps cable from gek later.. yay!! so excited.. finalli can set up the ps and try it out.. a pity the living room tv is spoilt.. else would have maximum effect from the sound system.. :P

realised i have some serious communication problems with mom. can't even speak a few words with her without it ending in a shouting match. wat's wrong!!? i think she's too critical and sarcastic and overly sensitive to every slight remark.. besides being paranoid n holds ultra conservative moral values, she gets mood swings realli quickly and suddenli.. well.. prolly menopause like i said, but at least try to curb it mah.. u can't always take out ur bad moods on others!! its like, she comes home from work in a stony face, always in a frown, and manages to put down any happy conversation that arises. bleah.. no wonder she's aging realli quickly.. i'm pretty ditzy, always smiling for nothing.. haha.. so prolly thats y i still look like 18 at 20.. hee... :P


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