Tuesday, July 29, 2003

k.. thanks to Faith's suggestion & help.. (thanks gurl!), have set up the comment system.. now u can make remarks/ comments to specific blog entries.. haha.. :)

went to the matric fair today (as a freshman once again) haha.. my forever young face is definitely an advantage in this area.. signed up for a few clubs, but think the oni one i'll join is the Art Verve thing.. so cool.. they draw, paint.. everything.. will be a gd chance to build up my portfolio as well.. finalli a chance to draw again.. !! so excited!! :)

shared a matric pack with zhenchang.. a lot of little things inside.. think the oni useful thing is the file.. and met his bizcom chair.. mr NUS.. haha.. pretty cute.. but a pity, he's attached.. ;(

finalli managed to get my module.. but the points required was disgusting.. at 600++ points.. pretty stupid system.. luckily had no other modules to bid for..

dinner time.. :)


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