Monday, July 28, 2003

went for the can.com.sg interview today.. keeping my fingers crossed there.. although feeling pretty optimistic so far..

then went taka with xq.. turns out we both had no money to shop, so we went ard trying clothes instead.. :P zara has a new season of clothing.. veri nice british jackets, the kind with lots of buttons down the front.. tried alot of them on.. they look super good on me! serious!! haizz.. but a pity the weather here doesn't permit the style.. else would definitely buy it.. but prices oso pretty steep.. so.. prolly kiv first..

went back hall for dinner and orientation briefing.. felt pretty out of place, esp since i had no place to leave my stuff.. so just sat down and listened to the tok in non-casual attire and took notes with my palm.. abit silly.. must say rag this year seems to be pretty weird.. the theme's weird.. hopefulli the mechanism will wow the judges.. since they can't see the effort in making the scales and such.. jiayou pple! moral support is all i can provide..

still thinking how to go back for orientation without missing tuition.. verdict: impossible. i have to either go for one or the other.. argh.. if i miss the ice breakers, then i might as well not go back lor.. hmm... and still have to figure out the accomodation problem.. today boi boi was kind enuff to walk me out all the way to the interchange.. but not all week rite? hmm.. dilemma.. in the end oso miss the last bus.. and they were setting up the prayer stuff for the seventh month liao.. so was pretty eerie if i was there alone.. arghh..


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