Tuesday, July 29, 2003

woke up all bleary-eyed.. usualli will have an sms on my phone from boi boi in the morning.. but nothing today.. :( no one misses me!!

no plans again today.. perhaps going to sch to check out the matric fair.. pretty happy to be in hall again last nite.. realli missed the env.. had a long chat wif caleb.. must say he realli doing veri well despite a bumpy start.. realli nice to tok to him again..

hmm.. so many things changed in this hols.. jm got attached.. congrats there.. but a little sad too.. :P one more eligible bachelor down... the boys started uni liao.. thats when we'll prolly grow apart.. some going overseas.. haizz.. feel sad just to think about all these.. hopefulli the class remains as united.. its rare that we can all be so close still after 2 years of army..

took the mrt alone yesterday from clementi to bedok.. realised that i hate travelling alone becos i'll feel like everyone's staring at me.. there's no one to share things i see and there's always the fear of getting molested during peak hours.. haha.. unlikely, but still a possibility with so many perverts running around.. also.. without anione toking to u on the mrt, ur mind tends to run around randomly, and its easier to think of sad things than happy.. well...


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