Thursday, August 07, 2003

well.. finalli home sweet home after nearly a week.. missing hall oredi, but glad that i dun have to fight for the comp with boi boi ani more.. :P anihow.. being a booboo, managed to scald my hand while cookin noodles.. hurts!!! feeling a little empty inside, but prolly cos i'm hungry? no leh.. dunno lah.. just have this feeling like i won't be going back to hall animore.. the freshmen were realli nice.. helped eleanor with her modules and she said i was veri funny haha.. and also realli helpful.. :) and took YQ's scooter bike back!! so fun!! :)

i managed to monitor my module bidding until 4 am.. then had to wake up at 9 am to monitor the last bit.. damn the idiots who raised the bids.. now my general acc is almost empty. but i did manage to get french and my GEM!! hehe... super happy, all i need to do now is to get my last TR module and i can file for graduation.. *sob* so fast have to leave the sch liao.. happy but sad at the same time.. argh... i prolly need sleep..


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