Thursday, July 31, 2003

ooh.. seniors meeting just ended.. orientation starts saturday.. its going to be fun!! :P anihow.. icebreakers etc start saturday morning.. but i won't be here.. :( have tuition in the afternoon.. so tomolo i'll just see some of them move in.. will prolly try to join them for blk culture on saturday though..

hmm.. it was a tricky bit when hazel asked where i was going to stay during orientation.. i didn't noe whether i should just say or not.. dun want to cause unwanted gossip for the person i staying with leh.. well.. heck lah.. i have place to stay can liao.. just staying mum would be a good tactic..

borrowed art history books from the central library today for my GEM module.. they look so interesting!! the analyses, the pictures, the descriptions.. breathtaking!! haha.. i sound like an art freak.. i'm interested in art esp, cos i've been learning for over 10 years but stopped in sec 2 cos school work got too heavy.. but the interest always been there.. been reading up on design courses as well.. think NAFA is a gd deal, oni $15K for the degree (is it per year??) but nothing realli to do with pdt/industrial design.. NUS is realli ex.. $21K per yr for 4 years.. i was thinking if i went to a poly for a diploma b4 coming back to NUS, i would save a year's fees prolly.. and a diploma would at least be industry ready. hmm.. ani advice on this matter anione?

or perhaps i should go for a finance degree in SIM? biz and finances has always been another area of interest as well.. and i think i can do well there too..

haizz.. the dilemmas of life..


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