Friday, August 01, 2003

so tired.. did not sleep well last nite.. oni got the much needed cuddles at 4am.. *sob* anihow.. slept till 11am.. woke up feeling super achy and bored (again!) haiz..

went to clean up and saw a few male freshmen moving in.. not bad looking i must say.. :P then went for lunch with ding, vicky and alex.. finalli spoke to vicky for the first time.. she's quite frenli, & see them together hold hand so cute.. hehe.. and the picts they took in langkawi were pretty cool too! :) happening man.. but the cost abit the high..

then watched a game of CNC(generals) b4 helping the guys dye their hair.. it turned out a little patchy.. *sob*.. their hair too dark liao lah to start with.. !! then boi boi seemed realli pissed.. but hey... its worse doing it urself lor.. sorri lah.. if the freshie girls dun like u just cos of ur hair colour.. then they must not be veri nice pple lor.. :( sorri sorri sorri again... *bows head in regret*

going out for dinner now.. prolly going to sleep on the bus.. must remember to credit money to xq..


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