Monday, August 04, 2003

ahh.. today's cluedo game was fun!! heh.. and i was rite bout the murderer and his motives. hiakz.. *pat on the back for moi* heh.. managed to take a nap in the afternoon when the freshmen preparing for their skit.. a pity i wasn't there to see it.. went for dinner with 61ders as sort of a farewell to XQ and junwei.. can't believe it's xq's last weekend.. at this time next week, he'd be on the plane liao.. a little weird thinking bout it.. we went to sizzler's, can't believe everyone couldn't finish the food..haha.. the horrible salad bar filled us up b4 we could eat our main course.. hah.. but had a great time taking photos after that.. heh.. jenchyang appeared! surprisingly.. this is like the best turn out ever.. 18 pple for an informal class gathering.. and 2 overseas so not counted.. haha.. miraculous!! after that went to the esplanade for drinks.. but i like spent my $100 note almost all today.. so had to not order anithing.. haiz..

have to sleep now.. my eyes are closing..


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