Tuesday, August 05, 2003

wah. didn't realised i developed so many photos. 200++ digital photos in 4R for bout $60..

some lessons learnt for best photo quality:
1. always use 2MP cameras in the the highest resolution else photos will turn out on paper to be veri pixelated
2. 3.1MP above is great for 4R.. even if oni mediocre quality is set..
3. blur photos will turn out to be blurrer on paper, and leading to the next point,
4. clear photos on screen may turn out to be actualli blur on paper
5. pimples on screen can't realli be seen on paper@! hahahaha.. (unless of course its a gigantic red zit rite in the middle of ur face)

hmm.. can oni think of these few things so far..

the pictures look great btw.. thanks xq! :) can't stop admiring myself.. hahahaha.. :P


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